Zamora CF kit featuring veins, arteries and the club badge on a human heart immediately becomes contender for worst kit ever

Spanish fourth division side Zamora CF’s new third kit is certainly something we haven’t seen before – but there’s probably a reason for that.

The strip, produced by Kappa, is imprinted with a real circulatory system (we know) – with the team’s logo used in place of the heart.

One of the most important details is stitched on the back of the shirt – a message very clear for not just Zamora fans to understand.

The phrase reads: “The blood, that reddish fluid that transports life through our body, which is born and flows from the heart to nourish our emotions and feelings.”

Whether this is the worst kit in the history of football is debatable though – there are many contenders for that accolade.

In fact, the CD Palencia strip, launched back in 2016, bears some striking resemblances to the new Zamora CF strip.

Released especially for the club's Tercera Divison play-offs, the Anatomy shirt caused quite the stir.

The Spanish club muscled in on the odd market – just eat what you want and you'll still always have a six pack.

Elsewhere, German side 1860 Munich got into the Oktoberfest spirit last month by unveiling a special kit with leather-look lederhosen shorts.

The rascal kit, which has become a tradition, was first worn for their encounter against Wehen Wiesbaden on September 22.

Other notable mentions are Caribous of Colorado's 1978 kit and Atletico Madrid's 2004 Spiderman strip.

The Colarado strip is perhaps the worst of all time – and that's really saying something.

We're not sure what is worse, the collar, or the club crest (on the wrong side).

But it's the leather-look tassley stuff across the chest which sets it all off.

This ain't no Western cowboy-highwayman hold-up…it's merely a stitch-up.





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