$3,000 'doggie door' connects to your phone to let your pet in or out the house

Imagine not having to get up, walk over and physically let your pet in and out of the house every time it wants fresh air.

Such an invention has been created over in the Unites States and consists of an internet-connected garage door for your dog – or, we suppose – cat.

Called the MyQ Pet Portal, it can replace the standard analogue catflap on your door with a smart, sliding-door that connects to a collar sensor to know when to let your pooch out automatically.

It’s also fitted with 1080p cameras and connects to an app so you can check in on your furry friend whenever they request to enter or leave the house.

It’s like a Ring video doorbell for your pet.

The portal is suitable for dogs between 10 and 90 pounds ( 4.5kg – 41kg) and contains safety sensors to make sure they don’t get trapped.

Prices start at $3,000 (£2,200) and the invention has won the Best Innovation Award in the Smart Home category at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021.

Developed by Chamberlain Group – which usually builds garage doors – the MyQ Pet Portal will need a professional installation job to fit it to your house. That’s because it’s not retrofitted to an existing door – it replaces the whole thing.

‘It definitely provides a smarter way to parent and makes time apart easier for both dogs and their owners,’ McArdell said.

It comes integrated in a variety of Kolbe door styles, with material and color options to match your house’s style.

‘A bright spot for many people in a challenging 2020 has been adding a furry friend to the family,’ said Beril Altiner, director of product marketing for Chamberlain Group.

‘But as Covid-19 restrictions begin to lift in 2021 many dogs will experience a dramatic change in their routine.’

Over 70 million American households owned pets by the end of 2020, and 80 percent of dog owners say they feel guilty leaving their canine companions alone.

The $3,000 catflap-come-door-replacement is secure and convenient, Altiner says, and can help alleviate ‘the stress and expenses that might come along as schedules change.’

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