A flashing green and orange 'zombie rave snail' is terrorising the internet

Footage of a horrifying zombie snail is freaking people out around the world.

A video of a poor snail pulsating red and green has gone viral across the internet, upsetting and terrifying huge numbers of innocent social media users.

The clip shows a snail infected by a parasite which controls its mind and takes over its eye stalks and motor functions.

This allows the invader to make the snail look like caterpillars so birds will swoop down and eat them.

It also overrides the normal behavioiur of the snail, stopping them from hiding in dark spaces and making them slither out into the open where they can be scoffed up.

These days, people tend to react to things as a herd, often posting similar or identical messages about a topic which moves them.

After footage of the zombie snail was uploaded to Twitter, upset individuals (if you can call them that) responded with an avalanche of messages featuring the word ‘nope’.

‘Zombie rave snail is a #nope for me,’ one man said whilst expressing his individuality by putting a hashtag in front of the same word everyone was using.

He added: ‘#Nightmarefuel.’

Another Twitter user decided to double down on his description of a conformist fear response and wrote: ‘I just saw the video of the zombie snail and that’s a big nope nope nope noppity nope.’

Biologist Mike Inouye stepped in the following explanation: ‘A parasitic worm called Leucochloridium has taken over its motor functions and eyestalks, making them into caterpillar mimics so birds will eat them.

‘The worm can then reproduce in the bird’s GI tract, eventually transmitting via its faeces.’

A tourist spotted the beast crawling across a hillside in Taiwan and said it looked as if it had ‘flashing lights’ turned on inside it.

Lin Ruian said: ‘The snail looked like it had multicoloured neon lights inside.

‘I don’t know what was causing it but it was very strange. I poked it with a stick and it rolled over.’

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