Amazon allegedly building Alexa robot that follows you around the house

Amazon’s Alexa assistant has taken over our homes thanks to the Echo speaker and other gadgets like the Sonos One.

But it could soon be built into an actual robot that moves around the house after you.

That’s according to a report in Bloomberg that suggests the company is working on a "mobile Alexa" that’s being built by the manufacturers that produced the Kindle e-reader.

According to the report, the project has been given the codename "Vesta" and early prototypes have got cameras for navigation and special on-board computer software that allows them to "see".

Amazon could start testing out these robots in employees’ homes by the end of the year while regular customers may be able to get them as soon as 2019.

We’re not expecting a Jetsons-style robot butler from the company just yet – but this wouldn’t be the first example of a robot assistant for your home.

Earlier this year Sony unveiled the latest version of its Aibo robot dog that is capable of obeying human commands. And several companies make robot vacuum cleaners that automatically scan and navigate around your house.

Meanwhile, Amazon has refused to comment on the report. A spokesperson for the company said it doesn’t comment on “rumors and speculation.”

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