Amazon in Talks to Turn Closed Malls Into Fulfillment Centers

Business has been booming for Amazon. As the company continues to ride the wave of its success, further expansion seems to be the logical step forward; Wall Street Journal has made a new report noting the e-commerce giant is currently negotiating agreements to turn closed malls into fulfillment centers.

It appears that even before the current COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon and Simon Property Group, a major proprietor of malls across the county, have been in talks about taking up some mall spaces. It’s a strategic move that would further strengthen Amazon’s same-day delivery services while inadvertently phasing out malls as shopping destinations. The main spaces Amazon is looking to occupy are mainly failed Sears and J.C. Penney stores. But this wouldn’t be the first time Amazon repurposed malls; the company took on similar projects in Northeastern Ohio, highlighted in Wall Street Journal’s report from back in May of last year. Amazon’s business and services continue to thrive as people are forced to spend a good majority of their time at home during the COVID-19 crisis.

In case you missed it, Jeff Bezos’ net worth jumped $13 billion USD in a single day.
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