Apple's iOS 14.2 Brings 117 New Emojis to the iPhone

Earlier in September, despite revealing 200 or so new skin tones for couples-based emojis, the Unicode Consortium only put out seven new graphics for its latest update due to workflow being affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Luckily for iPhone users out there, Apple‘s latest iOS 14.2 update will introduce another 117 emojis to the library.

The entire list of new emojis include everything from greater representation such as men and women in suits and wedding veils or the transgender flag to a wider selection of foods like tamales, bubble tea, and fondue. There’s also a bunch of fun animals and objects you can use, including a bison, a panda, a black cat, a seal, roller skates, a boomerang, and even a cheese-filled mouse trap.

All 117 of the new emojis are now available via Apple’s iOS 4.2 update, and will be coming to the macOS 11 Big Sur soon. You can check out the full list in Emojipedia’s tweet down below.

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