Argos receives new PS5 console stock shipment – and more are due tomorrow

May is shaping up to be a big month for PlayStation fans in the UK.

Argos is believed to have received a new shipment of PS5 consoles – and more are due to drop tomorrow.

The first batch is thought to have arrived at distribution centres yesterday – days earlier than expected – and several more could land on Thursday, according to reports.

"Some PlayStation 5 shipments have arrived into warehouses over at Argos earlier today. The rest of the shipments allocated for Argos is expected to arrive this Thursday, with stock being distributed over the weekend, ready for May 11th," trusted stock tracker PS5 Stock UK posted on Twitter yesterday.

It's the first in a series of expected restocks at major retailers such as Amazon, Currys and Very, in what is reportedly Sony's "biggest shipment yet".

After units were delayed in April, it is understood the stock could be split between two dates.

Other UK retailers likely to restock this month include Smyths Toys and John Lewis.

However, Very is also reportedly getting PlayStation 5 stock in early May, followed by the likes of Amazon and GAME.

PS5 Instant – another reliable stock tracker account – posted on Twitter: "#PS5UKStock for Amazon should still be 10-17th. #PS5UK shipments are starting to arrive at warehouses across UK."

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However, while we have a new early date for the first PlayStation 5 stock update, that doesn’t mean things will be kicking off early.

The week of May 10 could be the start of another wave, with both Amazon and GAME expected to offer bundle options.

Others are expected to follow, but it's unclear at this point how many units will be included.

PlayStation 5 consoles remain highly sought after, and even with several large stock drops expected in May, it’s unlikely that supply will keep up with demand.

Gamers have been warned several times that it could be months before there are enough next-gen consoles to go around, meaning some in the UK will be waiting until summer.

However, other recent reports suggest that it could take longer, meaning problems could continue into November.

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