Best Black Friday broadband deals: Sky, BT, Three, Virgin Media offer EPIC savings

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Can’t stream the latest must-binge boxset on Netflix without watching the loading animation spinning aimlessly for minutes? Family and friends can’t hear what you’re saying as the video call keeps cutting out ev– time you try to spe–? Can’t back up the photos on your smartphone without slowing down the rest of the house? Or simply want to reduce your monthly Direct Debit? Well, Black Friday is easily the best time of year to sign-up for a new contract. Every major broadband supplier, from BT to Sky and Virgin Media, has announced discounts on their monthly bills – making affordable plans even cheaper and ensuring superfast fibre connections are more competitive than ever before. has spent more time than we’d care to admit trawling through the best Black Friday deals from every major broadband firm. There are some unbelievable deals available as part of the Black Friday shopping season, including a free Samsung laptop worth £349 when you sign-up for superfast broadband from Three, more than £300 in savings from Virgin Media compared to its usual pricing, no monthly bills until early 2022 when you sign up to any of BT’s fibre broadband deals, and free internet from smaller fibre firm Hyperoptic. Yes, really.

Here are the top picks of all the Black Friday deals available right now…


There’s not a much choice when it comes to Sky’s Black Friday deals. In fact, there’s only one choice. Thankfully then, it’s a pretty solid discount – the satellite telly firm has slashed the cost of its popular Superfast Broadband plan down to £25 a month. For that, you’ll enjoy speeds up to 59Mbps with unlimited downloads for 18 months. That’s a saving of £54 compared to the price of the same broadband bundle a few weeks ago – or, in other words, that saving will cover the cost of a Netflix subscription for nine months, so you’ll have plenty of blockbusters and binge-worthy boxsets to enjoy on your new broadband connection.

But that’s it. Regrettably, there are no discounts available on the faster broadband bundles available from Sky. It charges £35 a month for its Ultrafast bundle (145Mbps download speeds) and £45 a month for its Ultrafast Plus plan (500Mbps), which both fit-out your home with speeds around two times and seven times faster than the average home broadband speed in the UK, respectively. It is worth noting that the Ultrafast bundle offers very similar speeds to BT’s Full Fibre 100 plan, which costs £39.99 a month, compared to the £35 a month with Sky. But over the course of two years, combined with the 3-months free connection you’ll get from BT during its Black Friday sales, that still ends up being a better deal.

If you’re looking for small monthly bills, Sky has a solid option, but anyone hoping to upgrade to speedier downloads should probably look elsewhere. 

Sky Superfast Broadband

If you’re already happy with your telly set-up, this speedy broadband is a pretty good deal at just £25 a month. For that, you’ll get unlimited downloads at top speeds of roughly 59Mbps. At 18-months, the contract is shorter than you’ll get from rivals like BT and Vodafone – so you’ll be able to take advantage of the next round of discounts and deals

Contract length: 18-months | Set-up cost: £19.95

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