Bill Gates told Trump being national science adviser ‘not a good use of my time’

Bill Gates has turned down an offer from US president Donald Trump to serve as his national science advisor.

The job is "not a good use of my time," Gates told the president, according to Stat .

Even though Bill Gates doesn’t run Microsoft any more, he still has his hands full with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that is busy eradicating polio and malaria and tackling Altzheimer’s.

But apparently, Donald Trump thought he’d be a good fit for the vacant position of White House science advisor.

When Gates told the president that many in the scientific community were worried that the post was still vacant, the US president suggested he take up the role.

“I didn’t put him to the test, whether that was a serious thing or not. He probably himself didn’t know if he was serious. It was a friendly thing. He was being friendly,” Gates said.

Gates has met with Trump three times since the latter won the US election in 2016. In this particular case, they were meeting to discuss global health security.

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