Delete these AI chat apps from your phone, Android and iPhone users warned

Thousands of Android and iPhone users could be putting their personal information at risk by installing dodgy ChatGPT apps.

Hundreds of 'unofficial' AI apps have appeared on the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store that one privacy expert described as 'cheap imitations or outright scams'.

They're designed to look like the popular AI chat technology ChatGPT, which allows people to access information online via a convincingly human-like messaging bot.

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However, many of these apps are scams designed to trick smartphone users into handing over their private data or even installing malware on their systems.

Privacy researcher Alex Kleber explained that dozens of apps have materialised on the Google Play and iPhone App stores which copy the original ChatGPT logo and colour scheme.

Mr Kleber said: "It's not uncommon to come across several apps with identical or similar names and logos copies of OpenAI icons and colours, claiming to offer advanced AI-powered chatbots or language models.

"However, most of these apps are nothing but cheap imitations or outright scams that fail to deliver on their promises."

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Some of the titles of the apps include convincing names like 'AI Chat Bot – Writing Assistant' and 'Chatbot Ai Powered by GPT-4'.

If you do want to try out ChatGPT or GPT-4, there are easy ways to do it without using dodgy apps.

You can just head to the OpenAI website and create an account. Free users are able to use a basic version of ChatGPT, and if you pay for a premium subscription, you'll be able to access the more advanced Chat-GPT4. Find out more here


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