EE unveils 'Smart WiFi' to boost coverage in 'every room of a customer's home'

EE has announced a new service designed to help its customers get broadband coverage across their homes.

It’s called the Smart WiFi home broadband service and it consists of a new router, special discs that can be distributed around the house and a 4GEE WiFi Mini for when we’re finally allowed to leave our homes.

When you buy the router, you get one disc supplied but you can get up to three over the course of the plan. The idea is you spread the discs (each one can support up to 60 devices) around the house to evenly spread the signal.

Like other mesh networking options, this means you don’t need to move the router around (EE says 36% of Brits are doing this) or hunker down in the corner of the bathroom because it’s the only part of your gaff where the WiFi seems to be at its strongest.

The package is available to all customers on EE fixed home broadband plans and costs £10 per month for 18 months. As an aside, if you’re an EE pay monthly mobile customer then you can get a 10% discount on the company’s Superfast Home Broadband plans.

The 4GEE WiFi Mini, a matchbox-sized little box, is thrown in with the package and comes with 2GB of data that customers can use while out and about.

All of this is managed through the new EE Home app which lets customers manage their connections and see what devices are using the broadband at any given time. The app allows users to set access controls and set up device groups that can be controlled separately.

Parents will be able to set up a ‘children’s device’ group and manage the times that those devices are connected, turning off connectivity around bedtime. Which sounds like a quick shortcut to get the kids to stop playing Fortnite.

Sharon Meadows, Director of Propositions, Consumer, EE said: ‘Smart WiFi is the first in a number of exciting new services from EE, designed to ensure customers really can get the most out of their broadband connectivity in the home.

‘With even greater numbers of customers and devices connecting to WiFi, it will help eliminate those areas in the home where it’s hard to get coverage and enable customers to make the most out of being connected – whether it’s in a new extension, attic room or even the basement.’

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