Facebook launches ‘Memories’ feature to capture nostalgic moments from your life

Facebook has been around for quite a while now and longtime users will have amassed a history of posts, photos and events.

The social network may occasionally remind you of times gone by with an "On This Day" post – but those will get pushed out of your news feed over time.

Now it has launched a new feature called "Memories" that will collect all of those old posts and anniversaries into one place.

You can go and check it at any time and, thankfully, you can control what goes in to the section. Because chances are that if you don’t, you’ll be served up a picture of you and your ex from yesteryear.

The new feature is being rolled out to Facebook’s users and will exist quietly in the background.

If you’re using Facebook on the desktop, you’ll find it in a new Memories bookmark. If you’re using the mobile app then it’s tucked away in the "more" section of your panel. Occasionally, it could pop up in your News Feed as well.

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