Facebook secretly working on 'dark mode' to protect you from unwanted whiteness

There’s absolutely nothing dark at all about the Facebook app right now – at least not from an aesthetic perspective.

But Facebook is preparing to allow users to banish all sense of lightness with an upcoming ‘dark mode’ update, a leading social media tech analyst has claimed.

Zuckerberg’s crack team of engineers have been beavering away on dark on a mode which removes the white background and instead replaces it with soothing, darker tones.

It’s been claimed that turning windows dark helps save battery life on your devices and cut back on eye strain.

A world-renowned tech analyst called Jane Manchun Wong has discovered early traces of dark mode in the code of FB5, the latest version of the mobile Facebook app.

‘With FB5, the app looks very bright, it looks almost completely white,’ she wrote on her blog.

‘When used at night, it can double as a flashlight, and it could be harmful to our eyesight.

‘Thankfully, FB5 for mobile is taking a dark turn.’

She found hints of dark mode in the code of the Android version of FB5.

This indicates that Facebook is currently developing the new feature, but it’s not clear when it will be rolled out.

Reddit users recently found a way to use dark mode on Messenger and give the chat app a night-friendly black theme.

While there’s been no official announcement, users on Reddit appear to have stumbled across a hidden way to access it.

It’s not clear if Facebook is actively testing it or it’s a full release through an Easter Egg that a few users have discovered.

Users have to start a chat with a contact (or themselves) and use the crescent moon emoji to find it.

Here’s how Reddit user FusionxGamerz did it:

Metro tested this method and confirmed that it does work. After sending the moon emoji, you see a shower of crescent moons and we got the pop-up.

It’s then possible to turn dark mode on and off with a toggle button in the settings.

Apple has already embraced the idea with the release of iOS 12 and also on its computers when it was included with MacOS Mojave.

It might sound pointless, but it’s been claimed that turning windows dark makes for easier reading at night and could also help save battery life on your devices.

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