Fitbit smartwatches back on the right track with Versa

After the hideous mis-step that was last year's Ionic, a smartwatch only it's mother could love, Fitbit is back with the Versa, and all is forgiven.

The Versa is light and small, roughly the same size as an Apple Watch, and that makes it much smaller than most smartwatches on the market.

The design of the Versa is simple; the screen isn't as sharp or colourful as Apple's OLED-powered display, but it's very nice just the same, and easy to read in bright sunlight, with countless cheerful watch-faces to install.

The Versa is a much more attractive Fitbit smartwatch.

Fitness, naturally, is where the Versa shines. Nothing comes close to Fitbit's awesome fitness stats and its deep and loyal community of users.

Fitbit Pay supports all major banks in Australia, even the ones still not onboard with Apple, so you can quickly load up your card and leave your wallet behind. As someone who pays with a smartwatch a few times a day, this is an absolute must have.

Notifications are perhaps the most frustrating experience of the Versa. While the smartwatch can display notifications from just about any application on your phone, the experience is read only. If you need to reply to a notification, you'll need to grab your phone. On the Apple, Google and Samsung Smartwatches, you can reply to most notifications with a list of canned replies, or by dictating your responses with voice to text features.

Overall, I'd say the Apple Watch is still the better experience for iPhone users, and worth the extra $100 for a far better app ecosystem, calendar integration, and notifications you can actually reply to. In a perfect world, Fitbit — the makers of my favourite fitness software — would make an app for the Apple Watch.

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