Fresh Samsung Galaxy warning could convince you to switch to iPhone

If you are interested in buying the latest Samsung Galaxy S23, you may want to read this new report first. New research from US trade-in firm SellCell found that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which includes the S23 Plus and Ultra, lost value much faster than the iPhone 14 series, including the Pro, Pro Max, and 14 Plus. Their data revealed that Samsung’s 128GB flagship lost a staggering 43.1 percent of its original value just one month after purchase. 

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This significant drop-off means that if you bought a $799 Galaxy S23 just a month ago, it would be worth just $455 if you decided to sell the device. 

In the UK, the same phone costs £849 originally, but this data suggests that within a month it would only be worth £483.1, even if the device was in perfect condition. 

The depreciation is even worse when looking at the best Samsung phone that money can buy right now, the 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra, which costs $1,619 originally, and £1,599 in the UK. 

Within 30 drops, its value would drop by almost half, losing $778.99 of its value, and after another month it would lose 52.7 percent of its original price and cost just £766. 

Losing that much value is sure to make anyone’s eyes water, and could even convince some to opt for an iPhone instead.

Apple’s devices are renowned for holding their value much better than their rivals and research shows that this trend has continued even in 2023. 

For example, the iPhone 14 lost around 36 percent of its original cost over the same period which means the $799 smartphone can be sold via trade sites for $506. 

That means the latest iPhone drops 1.4 times less than Samsung devices making them better value to own.

The best-performing device was the iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB, in like new condition, which lost only 13.6 percent of its original value in the two months post-launch.

Although this is good news for Apple, SellCell noted that this gap has been closing, noting that last year the S22 had lost three times its value compared to a like-new iPhone 13 in the same time frame.

While Samsung is catching up to Apple, SellCell noted that Google was trailing far behind with the Pixel 7 series, losing an average 45.9 percent of its value across the range in two months post-launch.

Speaking about the latest research, SellCell said: “Despite the Samsung Galaxy S23 catching up a touch, it still hasn’t managed to outdo the iPhone 14. Neither has Google’s efforts with the Pixel 7. Even so, we have seen how the iPhone 14 range has not lived up to the performance of the iPhone 13, losing 5.7% more of its MSRP within six months.

“However, with Samsung closing the gap, could we see a turn in fortune when the brand launches its next generation of smartphones? That remains for us to see, but for now the iPhone retains its crown as the handset that holds its value better than any other.”

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