Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Docs DOWN as thousands complain web apps aren’t working

Google is experiencing one of the worst outages in its history – with its immensely popular Gmail email service down for thousands of users. Not only that, but Google Drive, which is used by businesses and schools to back-up files, apps and photos, Google Docs, which is a rival to Microsoft Word, and Google Meet, a video call function that’s now built into Gmail to try to tempt users away from popular solutions like Zoom, are all down as well. These three web apps boast hundreds of thousands of users each. And to all be offline at the same time is pretty disastrous as millions across the UK stay home to work, study and keep in touch with friends and relatives.

On its G Suite status dashboard, Google has confirmed issues with Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Meet.

In a short statement, the Californian company said: “Our team is continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update by 20/08/2020 09:21am with more information about this problem. Thank you for your patience.” It then lists the known problems, which include “Gmail sending issues, Meet recording issues, Creating files issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues in Admin Console, Posting message issues in Google Chat.”

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