How I learned to stop worrying and love the AirPods

Don’t get me wrong, I still think they look silly – but after a couple of days I was prepared to take that in stride for the ease of just popping some headphones in my ears and have them work instantly. Unless I was running – turns out they’re not that good at staying in when it comes to exercise.

Apple’s creed has always been about making stuff that just works and the AirPods are the epitome of that. Hold them near your iPhone and you get a little on-screen button that you press to connect and that’s all you need.

I’ve used a range of other smartphones with plenty of different wireless headphones and when it comes to ease of use, this is by far the best implementation I’ve ever seen. Given that Apple makes both products and charges you £159 for the AirPods, you’d hope that would be the case.

If you’re already a heavy iOS user and you’re more interested in ease of use than sound quality or style, then the AirPods are the best you’re going to get.

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