How to change Instagram icon

Instagram launched on October 6, 2010 and is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary by letting you change the app’s home screen icon on your phone. The app’s first icon was the classic Polaroid-style camera design.

This design was used for more than five years, before it changed.

The photo-sharing app reached one billion users in 2018 and more recent data suggests Instagram users spend almost as much time on the platform as Facebook users.

The average time spent on growing the app is 53 minutes per day.

The numbers makes Instagram as one of the most used social media apps on the planet, ahead of Twitter and Pinterest.

How to change your Instagram icon

Instagram has launched a built-in icon pack for its iOS and Android apps that lets you give your app a vintage look.

To change the icon on your home screen make sure you have updated Instagram to the latest version on App Store if you have an iPhone or Google Play Store if you have an Android phone.

Click onto your Instagram and tap your profile icon in the lower-right corner.

Find the triple-line menu in the upper-right corner an click on Settings.

Start scrolling up and look for a line of emojis until you find an Easter egg.

Once you’ve swiped far enough, the icons will be unlocked and you’ll see a message from Instagram.

If you have an Android phone, the implementation of the icon looks slightly less appealing that on iOS, and because of how Android works, you will create an app shortcut to Instagram when you choose a different icon.

Some people have reported the icons are not available on all phones yet.

If you can’t find the Easter egg, make sure your app has been updated to the latest version.

According to reports, the old-school Instagram icons will only be available during the month of October.

Instagram’s message reads: “This month we’re inviting you to change your app icon to your favourite.”

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What Instagram icons can you choose between?

Instagram has brought back its first icon which looked like a classic Polaroid-style camera design.

Currently the app’s icon features a camera designed in white lines, surrounded by a purple shade merging into pink and orange.

The new icons features themed variations of the current logo too.

One option is to change the current icon to Pride rainbow colours or pick a series of monochrome options.

What else is new to Instagram this month?

In addition to the old-school icons, Instagram has also included another feature in its app update.

You should now be able to see a private map and archive of your stories from the past three years.

Users will be able to share, download, and save these stories to their highlights on their Instagram page.

The photo-sharing app is also launching wellbeing updates just in time for the kickoff of National Bullying Prevention Month, making it possible to hide potentially offensive comments.

This week, Instagram also launched shopping on IGTV.

This is a test ahead of the shopping feature in Reels later in 2020, and users will be able to buy products from creators more easily across the app’s video features.

This can be done by tapping through an IGVT video and buy items via the Instagram checkout or the seller’s website.

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