How to stop Microsoft Teams from showing away

Microsoft teams collaboration app detailed by tech giant

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in everyone who is able to work remotely ordered to do just that. And from Slack to Skype and Zoom, numerous work communication apps have more than risen to the challenge. But Microsoft Teams is among the most popular of such platforms responsible for revolutionising the working from home experience, boasting 115 million regular users – with this number is rising fast.

What is Microsoft Teams inactivity timeout?

Those using Microsoft Teams will likely notice when a computer or device gets idle, an automatic inactivity timeout turns on.

But numerous users have complained this function can in fact be a real turn off.

This is because Microsoft Teams’ activity status does not always accurately reflect what is actually being accomplished at work.

Those who are listed as ‘inactive’ on Microsoft Teams for five minutes will find their status will alter to ‘away’.

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Unfortunately, the bad news is such an inactivity feature cannot currently be disabled.

But the good news is the availability of downloaded additional apps to help avoid this issue.

Third-party apps such as Mouse Jiggler for Microsoft Windows and Caffeine for Apple Macs can force their device to appear in use, meaning the irritating inactivity timeout will not appear.

How to use Microsoft Teams reset status:

Microsoft Teams users can include a status message when they are set to leave their computer for a time.

Users can also include a specific status, for example, Gone For A Walk, or Gone To The Shop.

Microsoft Teams users also have the option of including a time limit on this status under Clear After > Today, One Hour, Two Hours.

Those having trouble updating their status on Microsoft Teams may have to instead reset their Microsoft Teams status.

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The status’ available on Microsoft Teams range from Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb (DND), Away and Be Right Back (BRB).

The status list should reveal an option to Reset Status.

One this is select the Teams user’s status should be refreshed even is they have been absent from their workstation for a while.

To save time, users can instead use the command bar on Microsoft Teams to update their status.

Simply manually type /Available”, /Away, /dnd and /brb into the command bar and the status will update accordingly.

Four tips for working from home with Microsoft Teams:

Meetings are about the people in them, not the just technology they use.

A Microsoft Teams blog writes: “The most effective meetings have a clear purpose. Use your meeting description to detail what the meeting is for.”

When you have got robust bandwidth, activating video can be a real boost.

Microsoft writes: “Use background blur if you don’t want your background to be a distraction.

“Video really amps up collaboration in meetings (but if you’ve got limited bandwidth, turn off video to maintain high-quality audio).”

Tracking notes and action items and sharing frequently-used documents is also easy with Microsoft Teams.

The platform suggests: “Take notes and share follow-ups in chat. It’s harder to get a casual recap in the hallway when there is no hallway.

“Use an app like Planner, Asana, or Trello to track tasks.”

Microsoft Teams also suggests customising the virtual workspace is always a nice touch.

The blog post adds: “Pin your favourite one-on-one or group chats so they always appear on the upper left.

“Drag and drop your teams so they are in priority order, and hide teams you don’t work in often.”

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