If you get this text from EE, there’s bad news about your monthly bill

EE is warning most of its customers that their price plans will go up by a whopping 14 percent from March 31 2023 via an SMS text message. The company is also alerting its millions of users that out-of-bundle charges and add-ons will also increase in line with your terms.

EE blames this on rising inflation, arguing that it is facing rising costs just like all businesses across the country.

It claims it had no choice but to hike up its prices slightly in order to keep running and improving its network to give customers the most reliable connection it can.

But customers are far from happy and have erupted in fury at the news, sparking a social media frenzy.

Twitter user Tom Franks posted: “Just got an email from @ee saying my monthly phone bill is increasing by almost £10 a month. I might cry. But in reality, I’ll probably just leave them at the earliest opportunity.

Another Twitter user, Mr Edwards, wrote: “Thanks for the warning of the price increase

“I know you’re upfront about your terms, save me the auto-reply, but locking people into 24-month contracts and then increasing costs year-on-year mid-contract is not fair. Time to go.”

Just like how households are paying record sums for their energy bills, EE says it is forking out 80 percent more for power this year compared to last. It adds that the cost of its Home Hubs has shot up by 20 percent since 2021.

But the company says it is investing more than ever to provide you with the best experience and service it can. That means, it claims, that it is continually improving our networks, products and customer service to give even better value.

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To do so, it says it has had no choice but to push up its prices.

EE says you will find a personalised explanation of what’s happening to your plan(s) if you are affected.

According to the company’s website, it adjusts the prices of its products and services in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation, plus 3.9 percent, every year.

The 3.9 percent hike applies to all customers, including those whose contracts started before September 1 2020.

For December 2022, the CPI rate was 10.5 percent, meaning most of its customers will see their bills soar by 14.4 percent (which is 10.5 percent plus 3.9 percent), or just over £1 per week on average.

If you are an EE customer, you can work out the estimated increase to any of the plans on your account using its price calculator.

When it figures out its prices, it uses the December CPI rate published in January.

There is also a range of personalised offers to help customers get the most bang for their buck where possible.

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