iOS 16 is finally here – our guide to features, lock screen, and how to download

iOS 16 is now available to download for iPhone users, and it's brought some massive changes to Apple's popular smartphone.

Following the blockbuster launch of the iPhone 14 last week, iOS 16 looks set to catapult iPhone into 2022 with some fab new features, such as message editing and lock screen customisation.

It's free to download and install, and will give you many of the software features of the iPhone 14 without the need to buy an expensive new phone.

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Here's our complete guide to the new iOS, which gives you more control than ever over how your iPhone works.

iOS 16 lock screen and features

The biggest new feature iOS 16 brings to iPhone users is undoubtedly lock screen customisation.

You can now fully personalise the look and feel of your lock screen and even swipe between different lock screens depending on the time of day.

For example, you can set a lock screen with a weather forecast and to-do list in the morning, widgets for your workout in the evening, and much more.

You can also change the look of your lock screen with an array of wallpapers, clocks, text options and more.

Another big feature of iOS 16 is the always-on display which means you can always see notifications or the time on your iPhone screen, even when it's locked.

You'll also be able to use a new tool called Visual Look Up to 'cut out' pets, objects, people and landmarks from your photos and make them into your own stickers and memes.

Finally, Apple is now letting you edit sent messages on iMessage, meaning you can recall or change an embarrassing text.

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How to install iOS 16

If you haven't received a notification telling you to install iOS 16, or you missed it the first time round, it's very easy to get it downloaded and set up quickly on your iPhone.

All you have to do is open the Settings app on your device, tap General then Software Update.

You just have to hit 'Install Now' and iOS 16 will download.

Make sure you're connected to WiFi and that your charger is plugged in. This will reduce the amount of mobile data you get charged for and will ensure your phone doesn't run out of battery mid-update.


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