iPad Air released this week and it has one advantage over the iPad Pro right now

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Apple announced its stunning new iPad Air last month with this latest tablet getting a totally refreshed design, fast A14 Bionic processor and improved camera on its colourful aluminium case. This new iPad is also fully compatible with Apple’s latest Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil plus there’s the addition of faster charging via a USB-C port.

Other features worth a mention include a 10.9-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display which now pushes closers to sides of the device and there’s faster downloads thanks to better Wi-Fi and LTE technology.

This update brings the iPad Air more inline with the iPad Pro and although that more premium tablet gets a faster screen and improved dual-lens camera there is one advantage the Air currently has over its more expensive sibling.

That’s because Apple has fitted the new Air with a fingerprint scanner embedded inside the power button on the top of the device.

This is instead of the super-secure and very fast Face ID unlocking you’ll find on the iPad Pro.

Until recently there would have been no question that Face ID would have been our preferred way of getting access to the screen and making swift payments via Apple Pay.

However, the recent public health crisis has triggered governments around the globe to mandate mask-wearing indoors and outdoors. And unfortunately for Apple, it makes facial recognition much less appealing as it doesn’t work once you pop a covering over your nose and mouth. Of course, it’s not Apple’s fault but if you own an iPad with Face ID and have tried to use it while travelling on the train you might have noticed this frustration.

With the iPad Air getting Magic Keyboard support this is an ideal device for working on the move and the Touch ID scanner should make it far easier to access the device without needing to constantly remove your mask.

We’ll have to wait and see just how good the fingerprint scanner is when this tablet gets reviewed but, on paper, it definitely seems the better option in the strange times we are currently living in.

Apple has now opened pre-orders for this new device with it available to pick up this Friday.

Prices for the iPad Air start from £579 for the 64GB model although this can jump to rather hefty £859 if you add more storage and cellular connectivity.

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