iPhone trick branded ‘game changer’ lets you scan any paper document in seconds

iPhone users have been praising the latest software update as it now allows you to scan any document in seconds.

This new feature, which is easy to use, has been a saviour for many people who are working from home and for parents who are homeschooling their children.

To scan a document using your iPhone, you need to open the official Apple Notes app.

This is installed on every iPhone as standard, so users don't need to worry about trying to find it in the App Store.

Start a new note, and then tap the camera icon at the bottom.

Then choose the Scan Document option, which will launch a camera viewfinder.

You simply position the document directly in front of the camera, and it should automatically start scanning.

It's instantaneous, and will automatically crop, rotate and optimise the image for you and then you can save the document as a photo or file.

And furthermore, it's super easy to use the iPhone's built-in sharing tools to send the scanned document over email, via AirDrop to nearby iPhone users, or through apps such as WhatsApp.

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Scanning was improved in the latest iOS 14 update to be faster and more precise, so make sure you have done the update.

Upon learning about the new feature, many users took to social media to rave about it.

One Facebooker named Brandi Mumma went viral after sharing the trick, and one thankful mum branded it a "game-changing" tip.

Another said: "Oh my goodness! I was going to Officeworks to buy a scanner today! Thank you."

It comes after another iPhone trick was revealed which lets users double-tap the back of their phone to take a screenshot.

When you’ve unlocked the feature, you only need to tap the back of your iPhone twice to take a screenshot.

The feature is called Back Tap, and can actually be customised to perform a range of actions.

If you don’t want to tap to screenshot, you can use it to open the Control Centre, or enable Accessibility features.

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