Knock-off Uber app lets you order ‘cab drivers with guns’ straight to your house

A ridesharing app which lets you book lifts with fully armed cab drivers has been called a 'necessary evil' by its creator.

Black Wolf is an app which works just like Uber, although it is a 'copycat' of sorts and has no connection to the official Uber app. You can book a lift directly from your location on your phone, but instead of being asked to choose between an UberX and UberXL, you'll have the option of ordering a bulletproof car with an armed driver.

The app's founder, Kerry King Brown, says it's designed to offer passengers 'executive protection' from drivers who are legally armed and have experience in the military, police, or security industry.

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Mr Brown says his drivers are legally armed with background checks and are trained to 'de-escalate' dangerous scenarios.

Mr Brown told Atlanta News First: "Who are mostly on the news getting robbed, getting raped? The average person. What I'm creating is a necessary evil. It's a necessity."

He added: "We're not here to fight anybody, we're not here to draw guns. Even though it says armed, we're trained not to do that."

The app even comes with a 'wait' option, meaning that you can request a driver to stick around for your protection after you reach your destination.

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Mr Brown added: "I'm catering to people who see this as a value who want to take their life seriously."

One Black Wolf customer, Jackelyn Eckles, spoke warmly of the app after her driver took her home late at night from the airport.

Ms Eckles said: "I think everyone deserves to feel safe. I just feel like there's been too many incidents on different platforms."

The app is currently only available in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA, but could be coming to other cities soon.


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