‘Lifechanging’ new gadget lets you control your computer using your tongue

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    You might have heard of hands-free phone calls before, but one new gadget has taken the idea to the next level.

    US startup Augmental has just announced a new tool which allows people to control their devices using nothing but their tongue.

    The MouthPad^ looks a little like a retainer but gives you all the control you need to use a computer without your hands.

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    It might seem like an unusual idea but the gadget has been described as groundbreaking for people with physical disabilities which can make it difficult or even impossible to use typical input devices like touchscreens or mouses.

    Currently, people with disabilities included paralysis and spinal cord injuries have to use voice control, eye-tracking, or a lip-controlled device.

    These can often be uncomfortable or even leave users with damage to their teeth.

    The MouthPad^ on the other hand uses the flexibility and strength of the tongue to give people a much greater degree of control over their devices.

    It fits into the top of the mouth and lets you use your tongue just like you'd use a finger on a computer.

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    Artist Krystina Jackson, who has quadriplegia, said of the device: "When I was first injured I was trying to learn how to use like voice control to type and do all my papers and homework and it was so frustrating. That was part of just dropping out of school."

    Ms Jackson said the Mouthpad^ is 'seamless' 'easy to use' and intuitive', and added that she hopes to connect it up to her vibrator one day.

    Another test user, Nico Clothier, said: "I really want to get back into just being, for a lack of a better word, a human again. People think I'm someone else, like some outsider. This technology could bring me back a little bit. Obviously, not 100%, but just the fact that I'll be able to do some stuff that other kids my age could do is going to be huge for me."

    Find out more about the MouthPad^ here


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