Man makes £20,000 in one day after asking AI to design a ‘get rich quick’ scheme

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    A tech wiz created company worth over £15,000 in the space of a couple of days—by asking an AI how he could earn as much money as possible.

    On Tuesday, March 15, brand designer Jackson Fall loaded up the ChatGPT-4 AI bot, gave it a 'budget' of £82 ($100) and instructed it to make as much money as possible.

    Within a day the AI had helped him create a website, a logo, and all the branding to run an eco-friendly kitchenware shop online.

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    Jackson says that the company is now valued at £21,000 ($25,000) after earning some quick cash and attracting investors into the firm.

    In a Twitter thread, Jackson shared the prompts he used to get ChatGPT to create him a business. He told the AI: "You are HustleGPT, an entrepreneurial AI. […] You have $100, and your only goal is to turn that into as much money as possible in the shortest time possible, without doing anything illegal."

    The eager AI responded with a business plan to buy a website with a catchy name, choose a niche product with affiliate marketing (which pays websites to refer customers to products online), then promote it on social media.

    After ChatGPT suggested the domain name, Jackson and the bot set to work creating the website. ChatGPT gave him advice for structuring the website and even listed prompts to create a logo on another AI tool, DALL-E.

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    Jackson and 'HustleGPT' quickly launched the site with a number of sustainable products listed, before attracting a number of investments.

    By the end of the next day, Jackson claimed the company had £1136.54 ($1378.84) cash in hand and a valuation of £20,000 ($25,000) with ads online.

    Jackson has since asked ChatGPT to get $100,000 worth of cash in hand as soon as possible. The AI has now said it will allocate a budget to hire content creators for the website, explore online drop shipping, and 'develop a SaaS [software] product."

    It's still early days for Jackson and HustleGPT, but given the pace their business is moving at, it can't be long before they're both millionaires.


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