Maplin's tragic FAQ sign about its closure goes viral

If the news that electronics chain Maplin will be closing all of its stores and even its website makes you feel a little sad, then don’t worry, the staff have just the tonic.

After the closures were announced, one team at a Maplin store took matters into their own hands to tell customers why they’re going, what the closing down sale discount is and whether or not you need to convert scart to HDMI.

(No, we’re not sure what that means either.)

By compiling a list of their most Frequently Asked Questions with just the right amount of resentment and self-deprecating humour, Maplin has gone viral too little, too late.

Our personal highlight? Shifting the blame onto “Amazon, Brexit and poor management”.

Somehow, we’re not too sure that Amazon will be bothered by Maplin pointing the finger, as the retail and streaming giant has recently announced a price hike.

And you must be pretty confident in your service to do that, right?

It was revealed last week that Amazon will be increasing the price of Prime for its US members by $20 to $119 a year.

Well, when you’re planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a Lord of the Rings TV series no-one really wants, you need that extra cash wherever you can get it.

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