More O2 customers unlock ultimate download speeds on Android and iPhone from today

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O2 customers will enjoy a late Christmas gift today, with the mobile network announcing that its speedy 5G network is now available in over 150 UK towns and cities, including new areas like Bournemouth, Cheltenham, Doncaster, and Southampton. O2 has also confirmed that it has boosted its existing 5G coverage in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, and Manchester meaning customers should get better access to 5G when visiting these major UK hubs.

If you weren’t already aware, 5G is the latest and greatest network technology which allows consumers to access much faster downloads when away from fixed-line broadband.

5G is capable of beaming files and streaming content to your phone at speeds in excess of 300Mbps which makes it considerably faster than the older 4G system. As an example, with a speed of 300Mbps you’d be able to download a full HD blockbuster movie in around 3 minutes. On 4G this would take over 12 minutes.

Along with being quicker, there’s another bonus as 5G can cope with more people using it at the same time.

That means you should still get blisteringly quick downloads even when at congested areas such as train stations and football stadiums.

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Speaking about the latest update Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer at O2 said: “We are delighted with the progress of our 5G rollout and to be able to offer customers in over 150 locations the benefits of our high-speed network.

“Once again we are facing tough lockdown restrictions and we are focused on ensuring we meet the demand for increased network capacity and reliability to keep everyone connected during this time. We’re also proud of leading the charge from an environmental point of view, with 67% of our estate powered by renewable energy as we work with landlords to encourage usage of more renewable sources.”

If you’re wondering how to access 5G then it’s worth noting that you’ll need a compatible smartphone. Most new Android phones from the likes of Samsung, OnePlus and Sony all now include access to 5G by default.

Apple also joined the 5G party with the release of its iPhone 12 range with all of these devices now compatible with this new network technology.

Sadly, all older iPhones aren’t 5G ready so you’ll need to upgrade to take advantage of these faster speeds.

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