Own one of these popular iPhones? There could be really bad news coming next month

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September is just a few weeks away and that means a new range of iPhones could soon be unleashed by Apple. The US technology firm almost always refreshes its lineup of smartphones in the autumn and there’s nothing to suggest 2022 will be any different. That’s clearly great for anyone wanting a shiny upgrade but there could be bad news for those wanting to keep hold of their current iPhone.

A new report from trade-in site Envirofone, suggests that some models could lose some serious value once the new iPhone 14 is released. One of the worst affected smartphones might be the iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB) with Envirofone speculating that this call maker may drop in value by over £200.

Right now, owners can trade this premium phone in and get around £700 back. However, from next month that could fall to just £562 which is a £208 fall in value.

The older iPhone 12 Pro Max could also be hit hard with the report saying that £180 could be wiped off its current value next month.

Here are some of the trade-in drops according to Envirofone.

Apple reveals new ‘affordable’ iPhone SE

iPhone 13 (128GB)
Now £435 • Price after iPhone 14 launch – £379 • DROP – £56

iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)
Now £550 • Price after iPhone 14 launch – £471 • DROP – £79

iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB)
Now £770 • Price after iPhone 14 launch – £562 • DROP – £208

iPhone 12 (64GB)
Now £350 • Price after iPhone 14 launch – £296 • DROP – £54

iPhone 12 Pro (128GB)
Now £485 • Price after iPhone 14 launch – £485 • DROP – £133

iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB)
Now £590 • Price after iPhone 14 launch – £460 • DROP – £130

Speaking about the new research Denise Timmis, Brand Manager at Envirofone, said: “August is the last month of the year to sell any Apple device for the best price possible due to the anticipated new launches in September. This is especially true if you want to earn extra cash for your upgrade. Realising how much the value of our devices drops because of new product launches further emphasises that now is the right time for selling and trading in our old devices.”

So what can we expect to see launched this September from Apple?

Rumours suggest that the iPhone Mini might be ditched from the lineup with the new range including an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It’s thought the standard iPhone 14 will get the same A14 Bionic processor found in the current iPhone 13 although it’s likely that the cameras will be improved and we could see longer battery life and faster charging.

Those wanting a more significant upgrade might need to look at buying the iPhone 14 Pro models with these devices expected to get the latest A15 chip which will be even faster and more powerful than before.

When will the iPhone 14 launch?

Numerous reports suggest that the iPhone 14 will be unleashed to the world on September 6. If true, that will mean there are just a few weeks to go until we find out full details about these new call makers.

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