Penis-zapping ‘ball bath’ male contraceptive could spell end for condoms

A German inventor has developed a male contraceptive 'testicle bath' which could mean the end of condoms and vasectomies.

Women could finally be free of the contraceptive pill and its nasty side effects thanks to the device, which halts the regeneration of sperm using ultrasound waves.

The COSO is about the size of a coffee cup. You fill it with water, switch it on, and once it's heated up, sit down and place the family jewels inside.

The device then blasts your nads with ultrasound waves for a few minutes, which deactivate sperm production for around two weeks. It then switches off automatically.

It might sound terrifying, but tests show it has no permanent effect. Your sperm will be back in action within six months of a dip in the ball bath.

The device was invented by German designer Rebecca Weiss. She developed it after quitting the hormonal pill which had given her precursor cervical cancer.

"When my partner and I were looking for an alternative method, we became aware of the lack of male contraceptives. The problem is not unique to me personally. It affects many others as well."

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She added: "COSO [offers] a user-friendly contraceptive approach that is easy to use without any kind of physical intervention, pain or previously known side effects."

Previous efforts to develop a male 'pill' failed because of side effects which are all too familiar to women, including acne, headaches, and weight gain. Now, with the COSO, neither sex may need to take tablets.

The COSO is still at the prototype stage, but has been listed for the prestigious James Dyson Award. Weiss says she is currently seeking financial support for clinical trials in order to eventually roll out her ball bath to the masses everywhere.

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