Physicists Harness Limitless Power from Graphene

Scientists at the University of Arkansas have just cracked the code for limitless power for small devices and sensors.

The tests showed that a single layer of freestanding graphene-a’s carbon atoms ripple and buckle in a way that holds potential “energy harvesting capability.” Paul Thibado, professor of physics and lead researcher, found that at room temperature, graphene’s thermal motion does induce an alternating current which can be captured as a low-voltage, clean, and virtually limitless power source.

Thibado continues to explain, “People may think that current flowing in a resistor causes it to heat up, but the Brownian current does not. In fact, if no current was flowing, the resistor would cool down. What we did was reroute the current in the circuit and transform it into something useful.”

The end goal for this research project is to determine if a direct current can be stored in a capacitor, miniaturized, then scaled up to someday replace the current battery types.

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