Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 owners can now get the Pixel 4’s stunning astrophotography camera mode

Astrophotography is easily one of the Google Pixel 4’s best features. It lets Android fans capture detailed images of individual stars in the sky with an exposure of up to four minutes.

And now astrophotography is no longer limited to Android fans with a shiny new Pixel 4. Google has started rolling out the latest version of its Camera app, 7.2, to older Pixels, complete with astrophotography.

Star gazers have already taken to Reddit to confirm the functionality has arrived for their Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a. Express.co.uk hasn’t seen any reports of the original Pixel getting it, suggesting Google’s 2016 handsets will miss out.

And it seems older Pixel devices are just as adept at picking out distant stars in the sky. A number of Pixel owners have taken to social media to share their impressive results so far.

If your phone hasn’t automatically downloaded the latest version of the Google Camera app, you can obtain it manually through the Play Store.

Astrophotography is a superb camera feature, but don’t think you’ll be able to capture snaps of the night sky effortlessly.

Astrophotography works differently to Google’s Night Sight – the mode for capturing bright and detailed shots in low-light – you can’t use astrophotography unless your phone is stable. That means you’ll need to put your Pixel on a tripod or wedge it between two solid objects for the mode to activate.

Once you’ve got your Pixel 4 set up and aimed at a sky full of stars, swipe over the Night Sight mode and you’ll see a prompt telling you Astrophotography is enabled.

Taking a snap will then start a long exposure of up to four minutes. During this time you can either wait patiently or gaze at the Pixel’s viewfinder that will gradually stitch together a gorgeous snap of the Milky Way.

Of course, not every picture you shoot with astrophotography is going to be social media gold. You’ll need clear conditions and be patient enough to sit through a few four-minute duds before you get something you’re happy with.

The Pixel 4 is not all about the camera though, the device also comes with a striking new design, a smooth 90Hz display and much more.

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