Pogba and Neymar skins for Modern Warfare II leak with Messi tipped to follow

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    With the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare II launching on consoles and PC today, gamers around the world are ecstatic to play the latest instalment in Activision's long-running shooter series.

    Fans have already been wowed by the 'photorealistic' graphics of the game's Amsterdam level, and many are clearing space on their hard drives to make way for the mammoth 97GB game file.

    However, other leaks of the game suggest there's a lot more to Modern Warfare II than revamped graphics and a new campaign.

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    Apparently leaked images seem to suggest that footballs Neymar and Paul Pogba will be featured in MWII as playable characters.

    Images have surfaced of virtual avatars of the Brazilian forward and French midfielder respectively, showing them in full Call of Duty military garb.

    It's not clear whether they'll be available as unlockables on the game's Battle Pass or sold as player skins via the online store.

    Not everyone is that excited, with one Twitter user moaning: "When I first heard about it I thought they'd be in kit, slightly disappointed now ngl"

    Meanwhile, Sam Crawford wrote: "Does Neymar drop to the floor like he's been shot even when no-one was anywhere near him?"

    • Fans go wild for 'insane' Modern Warfare II graphics that look like real life

    Regardless of the apparent leaks, it seems gamers are still keen for the 19th entry to the series.

    Player numbers on Steam hit a 24-hour peak today of nearly 240,000, a number which is likely to increase as more and more gamers install it on different platforms.

    Meanwhile, the game was launched with an underground secret tournament last night featuring England goalie Jordan Pickford and rapper Professor Green.

    Commenting on his team's win, Pickford said: “I’m used to playing as a team, but Modern Warfare II takes it to a whole new level – I might see if we can bring it into practice! The rivalry tonight was next level, but in the end the best team won. Hopefully I can take this luck with me into the World Cup.”


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