Save $120 on These Top-Rated JBL Wireless Headphones Today

In a time when it feels like virtually everyone has pint-sized earbud that can easily fit inside their pockets, larger, over-ear headphones often get written off as being “bulky,” “cumbersome,” or simply out of style. But in reality? They are a great investment.

Whether you’re pumping iron at the gym or scrambling to meet a deadline at work, over-ear headphones can pack on the sound to help you conquer any task at hand. And, unlike those tiny headphones, a larger pair is a visual cue that you’re in the zone.

Want to give over-ear headphones another chance? Look no further. Amazon is offering $120 off JBL’s Everest 750 wireless headphones.

JBL might be best known for its great portable speakers, but its headphones are just as impressive. The company infused its crisp, rich sound quality into its speakers—and add special noise-cancelling technology to make sure you can listen to your podcast in peace. Need to make a call? This model’s built-in microphone allows you to have a hands-free conversation. With up to 15 hours of battery life, these headphones can withstand both long fights and a day at the office.

While JBL’s Everest 750 wireless headphones normally cost $300, you can currently buy ’em for $180. This sale is already running out of inventory, so we recommend snag this deal, stat.

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