Sky TV will stop giving away free Netflix at midnight tonight – don’t miss out!

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Yes, you did read that headline correctly! Right now Sky is dishing out full access to Netflix without charging a penny for the privilege and that’s not all. The TV firm’s latest bundles also include over 100 Sky TV channels, an award-winning Sky Q box and an internet connection with one bundle even featuring Sky’s best Gigafast downloads which let you download files and films at over 900Mbps – that’s over 10 times faster than the UK average.

Get FREE Netflix plus thanks to Sky

Sky is offering free Netflix to anyone who signs up for its new TV and broadband bundles. Prices start from £39 which includes hundreds of telly channels plus speedy access to the web.

18-month contract | £49 set-up fee


Get TV and Netflix for £11 extra

Sky’s Gigafast broadband usually costs £55 per month but for just £11 extra this new bundle also offers over 100 TV channels and access to Netflix.

18-month contract | £49 set-up fee

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