Snapchat launches a new pair of Spectacles – with a hefty price tag

Snapchat has unveiled the third generation of its camera-enabled Spectacles, which allow users to capture images and video to post to the social media site.

The new Spectacles 3 will go on sale in the autumn and will cost a hefty £330, Snapchat has confirmed.

That’s a significant jump over the original Spectacles, which launched at £130 and last year’s Spectacles 2 which debuted at £150.

The company said the new Spectacles will wirelessly sync images and video gathered from the glasses to a user’s phone, where a range of 3D effects in the Snapchat app will allow users to enhance their uploads.

Spectacles, the company’s first hardware product, launched in 2016 but have had a mixed history as a consumer product. Snapchat admitted in late 2017 that it had written off around 40 million dollars in relation to unsold stock of first-generation Spectacles.

Since then, the glasses have been redesigned and made water-resistant.

The new Spectacles 3 include two HD cameras which will enable depth to be captured in images.

They will also come with a charging case which can hold up to four charges, the firm said. Snapchat also confirmed that the new Spectacles will be a ‘limited edition product’, with far fewer being made than the first-generation glasses.

‘Glasses are the next stage in the evolution of AR and will have a transformative effect on how we live our everyday lives, eventually removing the need for the physical screens we currently use,’ said Dmitry Ogievich, CEO at Banubaa computer vision lab specialising in Face AR technology.

‘Spectacles 3 are a great example of how the AR apps available on mobile phones today – like Snapchat – will receive a new lease of life as devices become far more capable and intuitive. They will be able to do more for us, essentially making our everyday routines easier. We are at an exciting time in AR wearable development and transformative change is afoot.’

According to Snapchat’s own figures, 203 million people open the Snapchat camera each day, and share 3.5 billion Snaps every day.

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