‘The Surge 2’ Further Refines its Sci-Fi Take on ‘Dark Souls’

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, especially in the form of violently challenging video games.

It’s been only little over a year since Deck13 released its sleeper hit “The Surge,” but that didn’t stop the developer from bringing the “The Surge 2” to this year’s E3. And its more than just a quick turnaround of a sequel. In a closed door, hands-off demo, I got to see exactly what changes to expect in the punishingly hard, sci-fi action game.

If you’re unfamiliar with Deck13, it is one of the most successful studios to ape one of the fundamental goals of the “Dark Souls” series: to reward players with extremely challenging gameplay and lots of dying. The studio first took up the challenge with 2014’s medieval “Lords of the Fallen,” only to refine the dynamic with “The Surge” series. As Adam Hetenyi, head of game design at Deck13, explains it, “‘The Surge 2’ is a hard core action RPG with a focus on tactical combat.”

The upcoming game will take place in a new location, a quarantined city named Jericho. As you would expect, Jericho has walls.

“Nothing’s getting in or out,” Hetenyi said.


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