TalkTalk broadband down: Thousands unable to connect as major outage hits parts of UK

It’s not a good afeternoon if you are relying on TalkTalk for your internet access. The popular broadband supplier is having issues with some customers in the North of England currently unable to access the web or any online services.

The issues began at around 12.30pm with thousands of reports continuing to flood in from areas including Newcastle, Durham and Northumberland.

Down Detector, which monitors outages across the globe, is currently showing over 1,500 reports of TalkTalk’s broadband being down.

There’s no official word on what is causing the issues but social media is full of users complaining about the outage.

Speaking on Twitter, one user said: “Looks like someone at @TalkTalk has switched off the entire internet for the North East. Northumberland, Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham all down. Whoops. Can you please turn it back on?”

Another added: “Hi @TalkTalk internet is down in NE6 Newcastle and we are working from home, are you having issues in the T&W area?”

Broadband outages are particularly irritating at this time when so many people are trying to work from home.

This online service is critical for those needing to stay in touch with the office or take video calls and check emails. We’ll update this story as soon as we hear more from TalkTalk about a fix.


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