Tesla owner accidentally steals someone else’s car thanks to major app ‘glitch’

A Tesla owner was able to drive off in someone else's car thanks to a 'glitch' in the app used to unlock the car.

Rajesh Randev from Vancouver, Canada said he was able to get into another driver's Tesla Model 3 and drive off in it.

The Tesla app he uses to unlock his car was able to open the doors on the other driver's vehicle, and even let him start the engine. 

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It wasn't until he got a text from the owner of the car that he realised his mistake.

Mr Randev, who was in a rush to pick up his kids from school, said the car he got into was the same model and colour as his and parked right next to his own.

Mr Randev said: "Apparently I found some glitch."

He added: "I was able to get access, ahold of that person's car but while I [started] driving it, I realised there was a crack on the windshield."

"After five, 10 minutes I got a text on my phone that said, 'Rajesh are you driving Tesla?'.

He called the person who texted him and they realised he had taken the wrong car. 

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Mr Randev said: "I was surprised how I was able to drive someone else's car by mistake for an hour and a half. My family was shocked."

"We were both laughing and I called the police as well."

The Tesla app lets people unlock their cars with their phone remotely. It also lets them alter the temperature inside the car and find the nearest charging station.

Mr Randev said he contacted Tesla multiple times but never heard back from them with an explanation.


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