The Our Place Always Pan Is on Sale for Its Lowest Price Ever

Remember that cooking pan that flooded your internet ads, graced every holiday wish list and single-handedly broke the internet, selling out 10 times with 30,000+ person waitlist? Yeah, that one. It was (and still is) the internet’s favorite all-in-one kitchen gadget. And right now, the famous Our Place Always Pan is on sale for the lowest price ever in history.

If you haven’t heard about this highly coveted piece of kitchenware, then props to you for successfully living under a rock. Now that you’ve come out hiding, listen up, because this pan is about to make your life a whole lot better—and the sale is one you don’t want to miss.

Normally the Always Pan retails for $145, but right now through May 4, you can save $30 when you use the code, ‘GOODTASTE30’ at checkout. We’ve never seen an offering this low on such an efficient cooking tool.

The Always Pan is designed to replace eight pieces of traditional cookware. You can braise, sear, steam, strain, sauté, fry, boil, and serve in style—all in one unique and efficient design. It’s equipped with a modular lid, a wood spatula and spoon rest, a stainless-steel steamer basket, and pour spouts (because sauce splatters are the worst). This pan solves all the kitchen hiccups you would normally experience but in a subtle, stylish way. Plus, it’s a major space-saver for those that live in smaller apartments, or are cutting down on “stuff.”

It now comes in nine different soft colors that compliment any table-scape or shelf with an Instagram-worthy aesthetic. It is completely nonstick (you don’t even need a little oil), made with a non-toxic ceramic coating without PFOAs, PTFEs, lead, and other potentially toxic nanoparticles. If you haven’t upgraded to non-toxic cookware yet, take this as a sign to do so.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime deal on a kitchen gadget that truly exceeds the hype. You might even want to stock up a few of these—it makes the perfect gift your friends and friendly, all year long for any occasion. But first, scoring one for yourself is a must, because every kitchen needs an Our Place Always Pan.

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