This collection of 'endangered sounds' will fill your ears with nostalgia

An online collection of sounds from yesteryear could give you the warm and fuzzies or make you thank your chosen deity times have moved on.

Called the ‘Museum of Endangered Sounds’, it’s a website consisting of all the beeps and whirrs of old tech we’ve long since left behind.

Kids of the 90s will recall blowing on game cartridges to get them working while those a little older may recall the startup chime of Windows 95.

Or what about that famous Nokia ringtone?

Launched in 2012 by enthusiast Brendan Chilcutt, the site presents pictures of the various machines responsible for their iconic sounds. Clicking the images will cause the sound to play on loop until you click it again.

‘Imagine a world where we never again hear the symphonic startup of a Windows 95 machine,’ Brendan writes on the site.

‘Imagine generations of children unacquainted with the chattering of angels lodged deep within the recesses of an old cathode ray tube TV.

‘And when the entire world has adopted devices with sleek, silent touch interfaces, where will we turn for the sound of fingers striking QWERTY keypads? Tell me that. And tell me: Who will play my GameBoy when I’m gone?’

Nostalgia wave incoming 🌊

The Museum of Endangered Sounds:

You can visit the Museum of Endangered Sounds for yourself by clicking on this link.

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