UK’s fastest broadband announced and it’s 44x times quicker than the others

If you're sick of slow download speeds and have a few extra quid in your pocket, you're in luck.

EE has just revealed that it will launch the UK's fastest broadband with blisteringly fast speeds of over 1.5Gbps.

That's dozens of times faster than the current UK average download speed which clocks in at around 72Mbps.

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The UK mobile network, which is part of BT, is set to go live with the megafast broadband offering this summer which blows away the competition. That's if you can afford it—no word yet on the cost but experts believe it's unlikely to be cheap.

To put it in perspective, a full HD film on the current average broadband speed takes over 10 minutes to download, whereas you could download the same film in under 20 seconds on this package.

It's unclear exactly how much the package will cost each month but given that other top broadband subscriptions cost over £50 per month, you can reasonably expect to cost upwards of at least £60.

Further details on the new broadband package still haven't been outlined, but EE has confirmed that customers will get a free upgrade to their WiFi router too.

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This will be called Smart Hub Plus and it's packed full of tech to make sure you get great Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

All in all it sounds like it's going to be a must-have solution for anyone with lots of data-hungry devices or a family full of gamers.

But if you can't fork out for the UK's fastest broadband don't worry—there are some great alternatives out there at a much lower price.

If you're a recipient of benefits including Universal Credit or a pension you can access what's called a Social Tariff which gives you high-speed internet for your phone or broadband at affordable prices. Find out more

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