US Air Force developing ‘shapeshifting’ MUTANT missiles that morph in mid-air

Missiles of the future could have terrifying shark teeth—and 'shapeshift' in mid-air, if the US Air Force's latest project is anything to go by.

The Air Force Research Laboratory last week unveiled the MUTANT missile project, aka the 'Missile Utility Transformation via Articulated Nose Technology' weapon.

The missile is a modified Hellfire rocket fitted with an articulated 'head' that can twist and rapidly change direction to hit targets out of the sky.

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According to the laboratory, the concept was first created in the 1950s but the technology to actually build it didn't exist until recently.

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The missile still haven't been tested in the air, but the rocket lab is planning three tests of the missile using a 'rocket sled' on the ground.

The technology could be used to try and fend off hypersonic missiles, which are currently being developed by Russia, China, the US, and even the UK.

These missile are typically much too fast for traditional air defence systems, which is why the US Air Force is looking at new technologies which could one day be used to intercept them.


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