Warning for Facebook users after bug sent friend requests to any profile you see

Meta has apologised to Facebook users for a bug which automatically sent friend requests to any profile you view.

It put 'Facebook stalkers' in the spotlight as it would immediately send a friend request if you were snooping on someone's profile.

The bug was first highlighted last week by eagle-eyed TikTok user Hailey Mccoy, who warned people to 'stay off Facebook today'.

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She said: "Facebook's glitching this morning and it's sending friend requests out to anyone who's not your friend [when] you click on their profile.

"So essentially if you're creeping someone, it's sending them a friend request as soon as you click on their profile. So maybe stay off Facebook today."

Facebook issued an official apology for the bug on May 16, telling Snopes: "We're notifying about people about a recent update to the Facebook app that briefly caused Facebook friend requests to be sent mistakenly.

"We've stopped this from happening, and have cancelled any requests that were sent because of this error. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Facebook users have also been sent a prompt asking them to 'Review friend requests in your activity log' in order to rectify the issue.

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The message says: "We recently fixed an issue that caused some friend requests to be sent by mistake. We apologise and have cancelled any requests that were sent because of this error."

Although Facebook says it has retracted the friend requests that were automatically sent, some may have slipped through the net.

To find out, head to your Facebook activity log via the Settings menu where you should be able to view 'Sent friend requests' and delete or withdraw them.


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