Where does Jack Dorsey stand on Elon Musk's Twitter takeover plan?

As the debate over Elon Musk’s proposed takeover of Twitter rumbles on, one man has stayed mostly silent: Jack Dorsey.

After co-founding Twitter in 2006 and serving intermittently as CEO and chairman of the board, he left late last year.

Dorsey stepped aside for chief technology officer Parag Agrawal to become CEO in November.

He currently serves on the company’s board, but will be leaving in ‘spring 2022’ to focus on his finance company Block.

But what does he think about the world’s richest man taking over Twitter to turn it private? A few recent tweets have given us some clues.

For starters, Dorsey – just like Musk – is not a fan of Twitter’s board of directors.

Responding to a tweet over the weekend, Dorsey called the board a ‘dysfunction’ of Twitter.

For Twitter, this would mean that decisions like which content to moderate wouldn’t be taken by social media executives like Dorsey.

In effect, Dorsey would be relinquishing control of Twitter’s standards in place of rules agreed upon by the community.

Given this approach, the Twitter co-founder may be pretty sceptical over Elon Musk’s plan to take over his creation.

We won’t know for sure until Dorsey specifically addresses the matter – which he may not do with complete candour until he’s left Twitter’s board.

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