YouTube stars paid to encourage millions of young students to cheat

In yet more proof that the internet is morphing rapidly into a den of vipers, YouTubers are now being paid to encourage students to cheat on their essays.

A Ukranian-based website called EduBirdie has sponsored ads on more than 250 popular YouTube channels, and as many as 1,400 videos total, advertising a service where they take money to write student essays, reports BBC News.

The ads target teenagers and children as young as 12, and have wracked up approximately 700 million page views on videos based around gaming, pranks, relationships, music and fashion.

It’s worth mentioning that sites like EduBirdie are not illegal, but passing off someone else’s work as your own will torpedo students’ grades and could impact their chances of getting into university, if caught.

A spokesperson for EduBirdie said in a statement: “We give influencers total freedom on they prefer to present the EduBirdie platform to their audience. We do admit that many tend to copy and paste each others’ shout-outs with a focus on, ‘Get someone to do your homework for you’, but this is their creative choice.

“On the website, there is a disclaimer that suggests that anything obtained through the website should be used only as a sample or a reference.”

Meanwhile, a YouTube spokesperson said the streaming video service would be working more closely with its content creators in the future to ensure that ads don’t clash with the company’s core values.

“YouTube creators may include paid endorsements as part of their content only if the product or service they are endorsing complies with our advertising policies. We will be working with creators going forward so they better understand that in-video promotions must not promote dishonest activity.”

People, we’d suggest you use the internet to buy Harry Potter‘s butterbeer ice cream or play Fortnite, not endanger your academic career.

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