More than 100 ex-cons already lost voting rights granted by Cuomo

More than 100 ex-cons granted voting rights by Gov. Andrew Cuomo a couple of months ago have had them revoked after violating parole or committing new crimes, it was disclosed Tuesday.

Social justice advocates applauded the governor when he signed an executive order in May authorizing conditional pardons for 24,086 parolees so they could vote before completing their sentences.

But officials at the state Board of Elections notified the commissioners that the “executive chamber” — meaning Cuomo’s office — notified them that 127 pardons were revoked as of July 27.

Advocates argued that people who’ve served their time shouldn’t have to wait to vote until they finish parole.

But law-and-order types said that just coddles criminals, such as convicted cop-killer Herman Bell.

Republican candidate for governor Marc Molinaro said the latest development shows that Cuomo shouldn’t have issued the pardons in the first place.

“Andrew Cuomo’s turning criminal justice into a circus in hopes of buying himself a few extra votes in November. He rushed to pardon a triple cop-killer, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles banned from being with 1,000 feet of schools where voting takes place,” Molinaro said.

“Now it’s blowing up in his face, like so many of his half-cooked schemes have.”

But Cuomo’s office said the pardons are working as intended.

“This is exactly the process as laid out on the Governor’s Executive order, which places New York on the same footing as 16 other states — including the great liberal bastion of Utah — and Washington, DC. If you’re incarcerated, you don’t have a right to vote,” said Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi.

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