Alexis Sharkey hated the term ‘influencer,’ sister says

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A woman who was found dead on the side of a road in Houston should be remembered as a savvy businesswoman, not an Instagram influencer, her sister said Thursday.

“She actually hated that word. She wasn’t an ‘influencer,’” Alexis Sharkey’s sibling, Tobi Robinault, told ABC13 in a Thursday interview.

“She wasn’t trying to influence anything. She was a smart, savvy, successful businesswoman. That’s how I want everyone to remember her,” Robinault said.

The naked corpse of Sharkey, 26, was discovered Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after she went missing.

Sharkey was a self-described mentor who boasted 21,000 followers on Instagram. There have been no arrests in connection to her death and autopsy results are still pending, the report said.

Robinault told the news outlet that she believes her sister was murdered.

“I have this terrible feeling that it was foul play,” Robinault said. “It hurts me so much. She was such a fun, happy person. Who had so much anger in them that they could do this to her?”

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