All 111 yellow box junctions where 27 councils plan to fine drivers

Revealed: Full list of 111 yellow box junctions which 27 councils plan to fine drivers for using as local authorities push for wider enforcement powers in cash grab… are any of them near YOU?

  • Drives face unfair fines if councils grab powers to issue yellow box penalties
  • Outside London, only police have the power to punish motorists in England 
  • But RAC says 27 councils have put forward proposals to enforce 111 boxes 

A list of 111 yellow box junctions where councils want to use new rules allowing them to issue fines was revealed today amid concerns drivers risk unfair fines.

Town hall chiefs have been accused of declaring war on motorists amid concerns over problems with the boxes such as poor visibility and them being too large.

Research commissioned by the RAC has investigated the boxes – which motorists should not enter unless their exit is clear – as councils push for enforcement powers.

Drivers face fines for stopping in the boxes unless they are waiting to turn right. In England outside London, only police forces have the power to punish motorists.

But research by the RAC found that 27 councils have put forward proposals to enforce 111 boxes under legislation introduced by the Government in May last year. If successful, they can issue their own fines, which are up to £160 in London.

NEWCASTLE – A box on the far side of a T-junction at Great North Road and Christon Road causes problems for right-turners (left), while the long box also causes issues for both  (right)

LIVERPOOL – The report said there is an unnecessarily large box at Chapel Street and New Quay in Liverpool – because part of the box (highlighted) does not cover a cross movement

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE – This box on Packhorse Road and Station Road in Buckinghamshire is not permitted because it extends beyond a junction (shown in red), according to the report

SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE – The report said there is poor visibility to see where this box ends 

OLDHAM: Very large boxes on Manchester Road, Stanley Road and Ashfield Street in OIdham

The RAC said there are issues with 90 per cent of the 111 boxes which are ‘likely to lead to drivers being fined unfairly’ as it published a major study into them.

The council with the highest number of yellow boxes affected is Reading, which has a total of 17 across 15 sites in the Berkshire borough.

That local authority is followed by South Gloucestershire Council which has 12 across three sites; and Herefordshire Council which has eight across eight sites.

Behind those, Trafford Council has seven across two sites, while Oldham Council also has seven but across six sites.

Yellow boxes are used in an attempt to ensure traffic flows smoothly through busy junctions.

Motorists should not enter them unless their exit is clear or they are waiting to turn right.

The RAC said to avoid inadvertently breaking the rules, drivers must be able to clearly see boxes and where they end.

Successful applicant councils will be able to issue penalty charge notices (PCNs) to offending drivers.

On Transport for London’s (TfL) red routes, PCNs are £160, reduced to £80 if paid within 14 days.

Chartered engineer Sam Wright was commissioned by the RAC to analyse the 111 boxes which councils have put forward proposals to enforce.

The RAC said there are issues with 90 per cent of the boxes which are ‘likely to lead to drivers being fined unfairly’.

Forty boxes were found to pose visibility difficulties such as faded road markings, while 18 extend beyond junctions.

Mr Wright, who was formerly responsible for the design and approval of yellow boxes on TfL’s road network, said: ‘I haven’t seen a single proposal that reviews the visibility of the box from a driver’s point of view.

‘If you also factor in bad weather, poor light and other vehicles, then the poor visibility situation is exacerbated.

‘This is all very concerning, especially as enforcement is carried out via cameras high in the air. Many of the boxes have been around for years, perhaps decades.

‘It appears that many authorities have simply assumed that the boxes already on the ground are suitable for enforcement without carrying out a fresh assessment as is recommended in Government guidance.’

HERTFORDSHIRE – A very large box at Adderley Road and The Causeway in Bishop’s Stortford

LEEDS – A box on St Peters Street, Duke Street and York Street is said to be too close to signals

HERTFORDSHIRE – This yellow box in Bishop’s Stortford is said to be in the wrong location

READING – The report said this box at Eldon Road and Kings Road is unnecessarily large

OLDHAM – Another unnecessarily large box at Hamilton Street and Glodwick Road

READING – Poor visibility to a box at Wokingham Road and London Road in Reading

SOUTH GLOUCESTERSHIRE – Councils want to enforce boxes at roundabouts and gyratories without traffic lights – locations not allowed under the rules. Filton Roundabout is pictured

OLDHAM – This box at Holt Street and  Huddersfield Road is said to be too close to the signals

MEDWAY – A faded yellow box at Gibraltar Hill and Maidstone Road in Chatham, Kent

OLDHAM – Unnecessarily large boxes at Manchester Road, Stanley Road and Ashfield Street

MEDWAY – Poor visibility to the yellow boxes at Rock Avenue and Chatham Hill in Chatham

RAC roads spokesman Simon Williams said: ‘Fining people can have real financial consequences for those on the receiving end.

‘Enforcing yellow boxes means that the driver of a vehicle overhanging a box by any amount for just a moment can get a ticket.

‘Yet many drivers end up stopped or trapped in these junctions through no fault of their own.

‘It is not only imperative, but a moral duty to ensure that fines are fair, justified and that the appeals process is consistent across the country.

‘We urge the Government to carry out an urgent review of its yellow box junction guidance and clarify what is and isn’t enforceable.’

Where 27 councils in England want to enforce 111 yellow box junctions 

Medway Council (4)

  • Rock Avenue junction with the A2, Gillingham
  • A2 Watling Street, junctions with Ash Tree Lane and Canterbury Street, Gillingham
  • Gibraltar Hill junction with A230 Maidstone Road, Chatham
  • Cuxton Road, High Street junction with Gun Lane, Strood

Hertfordshire County Council (2)

  • Adderley Road where it meets The Causeway, Bishop’s Stortford
  • Jackson Square multi-storey car park exit, Bishop’s Stortford

Newcastle City Council (2)

  • Christon Road / Great North Road (two in same location)

Bradford City Council (2)

  • Godwin Street and Westgate
  • Godwin Street and Sunbridge Road

South Gloucestershire Council (12)

  • Filton roundabout A38 Gloucester Road North junction with B4056 Southmead Road and A4174 Link Road ring road (four in same location)
  • Hambrook roundabout, M32 junction 1 (four in same location)
  • Aztec West roundabout, the A38 Gloucester Road junction with Park Avenue and Bradley Stoke Way (four in same location)

Gloucestershire County Council (2)

  • Bruton Way, junction with Market Parade, Gloucester
  • Lansdown Road, junction with Parabola Road/Montpellier Street Cheltenham

Devon County Council (4)

  • Exe Bridges, Exeter (multiple in same location, estimated)
  • Penn Inn, Roundabout Newton Abbot (multiple in same location, estimated)

Bath and North East Somerset Council (1)

  • Charles St/Monmouth Street, Bath

Oldham Council (7)

  • A62 Manchester Street – northwest side of Manchester Street where the tram route crosses over the road (two in same location)
  • B6194 Glodwick Rd at the junction of Hamilton Street – opposite the back of the Hopwood House Surgery
  • Huddersfield Road at the junction of Livesey Street – outside the Damasgo restaurant
  • Huddersfield Road at the junction of Holt Street southwest bound – between the Weavers Arms and Minders Arms pubs
  • A62 Manchester Road at the junction of Stanley Road and Ashfield Street – next to the Safestore Self Storage facility
  • A62 Manchester Road at the junction with the M60 Junction 22

Manchester City Council (5)

  • Great Ancoats Street/Oldham Road/Oldham Street
  • Ashton Old Road/Chancellor Lane/Fairfield Street
  • Kirkmanshulme Lane / Mount Road
  • Stockport Road junction with Dickenson Road and Stanley Grove
  • Palatine Road / Princess Parkway

Liverpool City Council (4)

  • New Quay/George’s Dock Gates/St Nicholas Place/Chapel Street northbound
  • New Quay/George’s Dock Gates/St Nicholas Place/Chapel Street southbound
  • St Anne Street outside Liverpool Community Fire Station
  • Whitechapel/Hood Street/Crosshall Street

Buckinghamshire Council (2)

  • Gerrards Cross – Packhorse Road junction with Station Road
  • High Wycombe – Marlow Hill junction with School Close

Central Bedfordshire Council (1)

  • Church Street at the junction with White Lion Retail Park service road, Dunstable

Hampshire County Council (2)

  • Leigh Road junction with M3 Southbound Slip Road, Eastleigh
  • A3057 Alma Road, Romsey (outside fire station)

Kent County Council (2)

  • Junction 1b Princes Road Interchange, northeast section, Dartford
  • Junction 1b Princes Road Interchange, southwest section, Dartford

Oxfordshire County Council (5)

  • Botley Interchange
  • Hinksey Hill Interchange (four in same location)

Reading Borough Council (17)

  • Junction of London Street with Queen’s Road
  • Junction of Oxford Road with Bedford Road
  • Junction of Oxford Road with Grovelands Road
  • Junction of Church Street with Church Road
  • The Oracle Gyratory (three in same location)
  • Junction of London road with Eldon Road and Craven road
  • Junction of Queens road and Sidmouth Street
  • Junction of Kings Road With Orts Road and Eldon Road
  • Junction of Wokingham Road with London Road
  • Junction of London Road with Cholmeley Road
  • Junction of London Road with Kendrick Road
  • Junction of A33 and Rose Kiln Lane
  • Junction of Bath Road and Berkeley Avenue
  • Junction of Bath Road and Burghfield Road
  • Junction of A329 and the A33

Surrey County Council (2)

  • Dennis Roundabout, Guildford (two in same location)

Trafford Council (7)

  • White City Circle (A56 Chester Road / Regent Road roundabout) (three in same location)
  • A56 northbound from Junction 7 of the M60 onto the A56 (four in same location)

Leeds City Council (2)

  • St Peter’s Street/Duke Street/York Street – city centre
  • Stanningley Road/Armley Ridge Road – Armley

Wokingham Borough Council (1)

  • Easthampstead Road, Wokingham

Walsall Council (3)

  • Littleton Street West at New College Way and Wisemore (two in same location)
  • Littleton Street West at Stafford Street

Salford City Council (4)

  • Chapel Street/Trinity Way
  • Regent Road/Oldfield Road
  • Chorley Road/Civic Centre Access
  • Irwell Street/Trinity Way

Herefordshire Council (8)

  • A438 / A49 Junction (Steels), Hereford
  • A438 Eign Street / Aldi junction, Hereford
  • A49 Edgar Street / Tesco roundabout, Hereford
  • A49 Victoria Street / Barton Road, Hereford
  • Blueschool Street, Hereford
  • Commercial Road / Stonebow Road, Hereford
  • Commercial Road / Union Walk, Hereford
  • Commercial Square (outside The Kerry), Hereford

Sheffield City Council (3)

  • Queens Road and Bramall Lane
  • Glossop Road and Upper Hanover Street
  • Hoyle Street

North Northamptonshire Council (4)

  • Kettering – London Road / St Mary’s Road
  • Kettering – London Road / Bowling Green Road
  • Rushden – High Street / Church Street
  • Rushden – Newton Road / Rectory Road

Leicester City Council (3)

  • Abbey Street / Gravel Street yellow box junction
  • Vaughan Way / Causeway Lane yellow box junction
  • Southgates underpass merge with Vaughan Way

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