Angry lion almost rips off zoo keeper’s arm as he tries to pet it through bars

Horrified footage shows a zoo guide's hand savaged by a lion he tried to pet through bars.

Abdoulaye Wade was attacked after sticking his arm through the beast's cage to impress visitors in Dakar, Senegal.

The predator clamped his jaws around his hand as the terrified worker flailed helplessly.

Visitors screamed and threw stones as the lion's head twisted violently and almost ripped the man's arm from its socket.

Abdoulaye desperately tried to bash the big cat over the head until he eventually let go leaving the worker stumbling away dripping with blood.

Footage appears to show the worker taunting the lion moments before the attack.

He was shown swiping his fingers through the bars as the giant cat leaps up to swat at them in the video reportedly filmed in February.

User comments on a Youtube video of the incident, shared by Buzz Senegal, were not sympathetic.

One read: "You don't play with a sleeping lion".

Another added: "Thank you lion," while one cheeky user wrote: "He wanted a show… he got it".

The video ends with Abdoulaye with apparently laughing in shock from the mauling before he receives a telling off at the zoo.

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Netflix sensation Tiger King aired footage of one employee, Saff, getting his arm bitten off by a lion.

The employee poked his arm through the cage one feeding time, and the big cat immediately latched on.

As Saff yanked his arm back through the bars, the skin caught on the bars resulting in a horrific accident.

The ex-armed forces member was offered the choice between a full amputation or years of grueling reconstructive surgery, and opted for the chop.

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